Andrew Jackson
7th President of the United States
Andrew Jackson
Vice President (s)John C. Calhoun (1829-1832) 
                                Martin Van Buren (1833-1837)
Born March 15, 1767, in the Waxhaw area, on North Carolina-South Carolina border
Died:   June 8, 1845, at the Hermitage in Nashville, Tennessee
Career/Occupation: Lawyer, Soldier
Religion:  Presbyterian
Education:   No Formal Education
Political Party:  Democratic
Nickname(s):    "Old Hickory"
Other Government Positions:

  • Member of U.S. House of Representatives, 1796-97
  • United States Senator, 1797-98
  • Justice on Tennessee Supreme Court, 1798-1804
  • Governor of the Florida Territory, 1821
  • United States Senator, 1823-25

Presidential Salary:  $25,000


  • First President to pay off the entire National Debt. 
  • First President, born in a log cabin. 
  • First President, born in the Carolinas (Place of birth disputed between North and South Carolina). 
  • First President, born to immigrant parents. 
  • First President, born after the death of his father. 
  • First President to be a Presbyterian. First President elected as a Democrat to the Presidency. 
  • First President to have been a Major general. 
  • First President to be inaugurated at the East Portico of the United States Capitol Building. 
  • First President to marry a divorced woman. First President to kill someone in a duel. 
  • First President to be targeted by an assassin. 
  • First President to be older than his predecessor. 
  • First President to ride on a railroad train. 
  • First President to appoint a Catholic (Roger Taney) to the Supreme Court. 
  • First President to be elected by white men of all classes in 1828 after most laws barring non-land-owners from voting were repealed. 
  • First President whose home state was not also his birth state (His birth state is disputed between North and South Carolina, while he resided in Tennessee at the time of his election). 
  • First President to be an orphan. 
  • First President to have had a Vice President resign (John C. Calhoun in 1832). 
  • First President to be censured by the US Senate, although it was expunged in 1837. 
  • First President to win a plurality of the vote in three consecutive elections (1824, 1828, & 1832).

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