Warren G Harding
29th President of the United States
Warren G. Harding
1921 - 1923

Vice President: Calvin Coolidge (1921-23)
Born: November 2, 1865, near Corsica (now Blooming Grove), Ohio
Died: August 2, 1923, in San Francisco, California
Career/Occupation: Editor and Publisher
Religion: Baptist
Education: Graduated from Ohio Central College (1882)
Political Party: Republican
Nickname(s): none

Other Government Positions:

  • Member of Ohio State Senate, 1900-04 
  • Lieutenant-Governor of Ohio, 1904-06 
  • United States Senator, 1915-21

Presidential Salary: $75,000

Presidential Firsts:
  • First president to be elected while being a sitting U.S. senator.
    Harding was serving as a senator from Ohio when elected. He resigned his position as senator and was replaced by Frank B. Willis.
  • The first president to have been a lieutenant governor. He served as lieutenant governor of Ohio from 1904 to 1906.
  • The first president elected after women gained the right to vote.
  • First president to ride to and from his inauguration in an automobile.
    The inauguration of Harding took place in 1921.
  • First president to learn to drive a car.
  • First president to visit Canada while in office.
  • The first president to be a Baptist.
  • The first president to have had a director of the Office of Management and Budget.
  • First president to serve as temporary chairman of the Republican National Convention.
  • The first president to have been the keynote speaker at the Republican National Convention.
  • The first president to be elected on his birthday.
    He was elected on November 2, 1920, his 55th birthday.
  • First president to predecease his father. George Tryon Harding died in 1928, five years after his son.
  • The first president to appear on a radio broadcast, over navy radio station NOF in Anacostia, D.C.
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