Millard Fillmore
13th President of the United States
Millard Fillmore

Vice President:  None
BornJanuary 7, 1800, in Locke Township (now Summerhill), New York
DiedMarch 8, 1874, in Buffalo, New York
Education: No Formal Education
Political Party: Whig
Nickname(s): "The American Louis Philippe"

Other Government Positions:
Member of New York State Assembly, 1828-31 
Member of U.S. House of Representatives, 1833-35 
Member of U.S. House of Representatives, 1837-45 Comptroller of New York, 1847 
Vice President, 1849-1850 (under Taylor)

Presidential Salary: $25,000


    • First President to establish a permanent White House library.
    • First President, born in the 1800s.
    • First President, born after the death of a previous President (Fillmore was born 24 days after the death of George Washington). 
    • First President to remarry after leaving, office. 
    • He remarried in 1858 to Caroline Carmichael McIntosh.
    • First President to leave office while his father was alive.
    • He left office in 1853 and his father Nathaniel Fillmore died in 1863.

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