George Washington


George Washington, first president of the
United States
Courtesy of Pendleton's Lithography.
Stuart, Gilbert, 1755-1828, artist
Vice President: John Adams
Born: February 22, 1732, in Westmoreland County, Virginia
Died: December 14, 1799, at Mount Vernon, Virginia
Age at Death: 67
Cause of Death: Epiglottitis
Last Words: “‘Tis well.”
Career/Occupation: Planter, Soldier
Religion: Episcopalian
Education: No Formal Education
Political Party: None

  • The American Cincinnatus
    Like the famous Roman, he won a war, then became a private citizen instead of seeking power or riches as a reward. He became the first President General of the Society of the Cincinnati, formed by Revolutionary War officers who also "declined offers of power and position to return to his home and plough".
  • The American Fabius
    for his Fabian military strategy during the Revolutionary War
  • The Father of His Country

  • Firsts

    • First straight white male to be elected as President 
    • First President of the United States (April 30, 1789, to March 3, 1797) 
    • First President to appear on a postage stamp. 
    • First President to be a Freemason. 
    • First President to receive votes from every Presidential elector in an election. 
    • First President to add "So help me God" to the Oath of Office. 
    • First President to command a standing field army while in office (during the Whiskey Rebellion). First President to have been a lieutenant general. 
    • First President to have a parent live to see him be elected and become President. 
    • First President to celebrate his 65th birthday while in office. Washington was born in February 1732 and turned 65 in February 1797. His office term ended in March 1797. 
    • First President to be an Episcopalian. 
    • First President from Virginia. First President to be awarded the Congressional Gold Medal. 
    • First President to be younger than his wife. 
    • First President to have signed the United States Constitution. 
    • First President to have a ship named after him. First President to have a submarine named after him. First President to appear on a US coin (1900 commemorative). 
    • First President who wasn't part of a political party. 
    • First President who served in the American Revolution 
    • First President who was a slave owner 
    • First President to decline to run for a third term 
    • First and only President to have a state named after him 
    • First President to have a city named after him 
    • First President to be a member of the Society of the Cincinnati

    Full Name: George Washington Nickname: "Father of His Country" 
    Father: Augustine Washington (1694-1743) 
    Mother: Mary Ball Washington (1708-1789) 

    Other Government Positions: Member of Virginia House of Burgesses, 1759-74 Member of Continental Congress, 1774-75 Chairman of the Constitutional Convention, 1787-88 
    Presidential Salary: $25,000/year (refused by Washington)

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