Monday, June 10, 2019

The Presidents by Party

Presidents by Party

There have been 45 Presidents to date. Below is a chart that list the Presidents by party.
From that we can see, that even though the Democrats have been in existance longer, the Republicans have had more Presidents.

# Democratic Republican Whig Democratic-Republican Federalist Unafiliated
1 Andrew Jackson Abraham Lincoln William Henry Harrison Thomas Jefferson John Adams George Washington
2 Martin Van Buren Ulysses S. Grant John Tyler James Madison
3 James K. Polk Rutherford B. Hayes Zachary Taylor James Monroe
4 Franklin Pierce James Garfield Millard Fillmore John Quincy Adams
5 James Buchanan Chester A. Arthur
6 Andrew Johnson Benjamin Harrison
7 Grover Cleveland William McKinley
8 Woodrow Wilson Theodore Roosevelt
9 Herbert Hoover William Howard Taft
10 Franklin D Roosevelt William Harding
11 Harry S Truman Calvin Coolidge
12 John F Kennedy Herbert Hoover
13 Lyndon B Johnson Dwight D Eisenhower
14 Jimmy Carter Richard Nixon
15 Bill Clinton Gerald Ford
16 Barack Obama Ronald Reagan
17 George H. W. Bush
18 George W. Bush
19 Donald Trump

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